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We design a new brand system for "Todos Comemos" a food-based startup that aims to make cooking and eating healthily accessible to everyone. They started this venture in 2020, in response to the COVID emergency, and have rapid growth due to the delivery-only business model. We came together to redesign its new identity, ready for scaling and reaching new markets.

Our goal was to create a joyful brand, inspired by the colorful tones of fruits, vegetables, and plates from our starting point: Colombia. Besides, we stumble upon a symbol that summarizes Todos Comemos's goal: "Everyone can be a great chef inside its own house". Through messages, videos, and icons, the brand is a celebration of joyful cooking. It was a tremendous process, with multiple stakeholders, customer insights, and with the obvious startup pressure and fast-paced rhythm.

From the start, this was an amazing project, Andres, Carlos, and Mateo are serial social entrepreneurs that have come up with several food-ventures and this was the first project of the group that will be infused with storytelling and branding.

We create the concept based on the literal idea of Todos Comemos (We All Eat) and create a brand universe around the concept of Joyful Connections and the Happiness of Being Together, the project launched in July 2020 at the midterm of the pandemic in Colombia, and since then, thanks to our concept and the amazing work of Todos Comemos design team, the company got in at the Top 100 Best Startups in Colombia.

We create together the slogan "Juntos, lograremos que un plato sume otro plato" (Together, we will make one plate add another plate) meaning that for using the app, Todos Comemos donates food to people in need through its foundation.

Today, Todos Comemos is part of the Y Combinator acceleration program and has plans for expanding to the whole of Latin America.

Our Learning: You can create a global startup by doing good for the ones in need, and mostly, in distressing times those who seek opportunities will arise.

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Todos Comemos

Desarrollamos una identidad que refleja que todos podemos ser parte de un mundo mejor, a través de mensajes, que invitan a la unión para lograr un cambio y la creación de íconos, que simbolizan la felicidad de compartir en casa mientras se cocina. 

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Brand Storytelling /  Branding / Producción de contenido

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Clips de recetas paso a paso, que puedes realizar en minutos con los productos pre-elaborados de Todos comemos.


Clips de recetas paso a paso, que puedes realizar en minutos con los productos pre-elaborados de Todos comemos.

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